Jin-Hyung Kim Rajin
rajin9601 rajin9601
SNU Undergraduates
만들고 싶은 것을 만드는 사람

Became software developer because I like creating stuff.


  • Gyeong-gi Science High School 2011 - 2014
  • Seoul National University, Majoring in Computer Science and Enginerring 2014 - …


  • Theory and Formal Thinking
    • Algorithm, Data Structure
    • Programming Language, Automata, Programming Principle
  • Systems and Hardware
    • Computer Architecture, System Programming, OS
    • DB, Advanced DB
  • Application
    • Computer Graphics, Intro. to Machine Learning, Intro. to Data Mining
  • Others
    • Serious Game, Understanding of Game, Typography


  • Client Programmer at VCNC. Developing Android and iOS Application for ‘타다’ 2018.7 -
  • Android Programmer at VCNC. Developing Android Application for Between 2017.7 -
  • Internship at 42 Company. Developing Contents Crawler for Slide 2016.12 - 2017.1
    • Used Ruby on Rails(Active Admin), AngularJS, PhantomJS.
  • Internship at Ultracaption. Developing iOS Application for PLAIN 2015.07 - 08
    • Used Objective-C and Swift, developed Today-Extension.

Awards and Honors

  • Gold in Korean Olympiad of Informatics, National 2013
  • Graduation Thesis, An Efficient Data Collection-based RRT Planner 2013
  • Presidential Science Scholarship 2014
  • Vice Presidents in Waffle Studio 2015 - 2016
  • 17th Place in ACM-ICPC Asia Daejeon as a team 2015

Skill Set

  • Problem Solving
    • Once Enthusiastic about Informatics Olympiad High School
    • Codeforce Profile
    • Now focusing on Development
  • App Development
    • Android
      • Android Programmer in VCNC.
      • Java
    • iOS
      • Swift Main Language
      • Objective-C Only basics
  • Game Development
    • Unity
      • Main programmer in 21 Days Sprite based 2D, self-developed dialogue tools
      • Main Programmer in Kumiho Team project in SNU, Serious game
  • Web
    • Backend
      • Ruby on rails Active Admin
      • node.js express, socket.io
    • Frontend
      • D3 HCI Project
      • SASS, Webpack, Babel, React, Flux Only basics
  • Computer Graphics


Timetable Generating Program

  • Timetable generating program for Gyeonggi Science High School Team of 2 person
  • Scheduling problem based on Post-enrollment, including student sectioning problem
  • Our Solution
    • FP-Tree Initial student sectioning
    • Multi-stage metaheuristic search algorithms Optimization
    • Implemented a real-working program Java



Link to AppStore

  • Develop in Swift 2 (ported to Swift 3) github
  • As a team leader, leading the team from product design, system design to actual launching.
  • In charge of iOS App development and UI design since there was no designer in the team (a designer has joined)

21 Days In Steam

Link to Steam Page

  • Started as SNU’s course’s final project 게임의 이해
    • Syrian Refugee Simulator Serious Game
    • 2D Side-scrolling dialogue-based game
  • Main Programmer in a team of six
    • Game Programming
    • Game Balancing
    • Participated in game design
  • Awards and Honor
    • Finalist in Excellence in Narrative BIC Festival, 2016
    • Greenlit in Steam